Kyle Anthony Adams
A Multidisciplinary visual artist living in Pittsburgh, PA.
Kyle Anthony Adams is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. Focusing on painting, video art, installation, printmaking and graphic design. Having various education in fine arts, graphic design, web development and mural painting. Living just outside downtown with his mini pig Rooty, he enjoys bicycling, reading and taking photos with his multiple film cameras.

As a painter, creating a dialogue with impressionism and its relevant relationship in the 21st century, exploring themes such as light, composition, unusual visual angels and visible brush strokes. Using the over saturation of everyday photography and media as a heavy influence of inspiration for a lot of his work. Exploring the unnatural light that electronic devices cast, causing artificial flat surfaces and plains. Painting the presence of a camera through the blowout of color flashes can cause. Painting for close to 9 years.

Working closely with fellow artist Kara Zuzu in a collaboration known as "AthroughZ", further pushing the envelope of what painting and art can be, they paint and work directly on top of one another. Also creating and establishing the printmaking company with Kara Zuzu, 8minus3.

As a video artist/VJ, working under the guise of "Kyle The Saint", his work primarily focuses on abstract dynamic moving patterns and hallucinogenic imagery. Breaking down his source material, recreating and remixing into something completely new. Working with techniques such as moshing, glitching and other digital distortion. Drawing inspiration from old scrambled television imagery. Live mixing in a club setting, has worked with various DJs and club nights. Has been doing live video projections and video mapping for close to 3 years.

In the past working for the design firm Clay Communications for 5 years. Currently lead designer for Red Star Kombucha and webmaster for both Red Star and Belvederes Bar.