Kyle Anthony Adams
//A Multidisciplinary Visual Artist//
Kyle The Saint .///. Video Artist

The Infernal Screen Machine

The Infernal Screen Machine is a 9-35 screen display that loops video art. Built off the back of a Rasberry Pi 2, this is a semi permanent installation with the ability to swap out any video for display. Complete custom build. Built out of neccesity to be able to show off current video art in everyday.

The video art itself primarily focuses on glitched dynamic moving patterns & hallucinogenic imagery. The actual grid of screens is intended to further explore dynamic moving patterns, itself becoming a giant pattern of screens, of patterns. Back To Top

Kudlow "My Defense"

This is a video done for Kudlow for the song "My Defense".

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Wreck League Sci-Fi Remixs VHS rip

Video Art By Kyle The Saint (Kyle A. Adams) Music Produced By Eric Rann & Egzuht

This clip originally appeared on The Wreck League VHS. This was ripped from the VHS.

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"Arrested Development" by Mr. Jhak & Mr. Owl

This is a video done for Mr. Jhak and Mr. Owl for "Arrested Development" off their debut album "WHO KILLED THE PAGE WIZURD?"

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Frequently asked questions

What Does Glitch Mean To You?

Video & digital distortion is something less common in technology today. Most screens just freeze or go blue/black. I draw alot of inspiration from old scrambled cable television imagery.

Glitch is taking something and breaking it, digitallly corrupting, data moshing and video bending it.

What Is Your Process?

I have alot of different methods, but at its core, i create short samples, use these sample remixed with other samples to create new samples. Build alot of videos off old stuff, everything is fluid.

Set up wise, broadly speaking, I typically create a sample in grand vj, run that through a custom analog mixer (Tachyon Plus) that a CRT TV (tube Tv) displays. A VHS camcorder is pointed perfectley at the TV, the camcorder is run back into my computer, which captures it digitally. Thus creating a new sample that i futher sample. Full circle, the method in this case is a big part of the art itself.

What Are You Trying To Convey Through Your Work?

Movement, Light, Retro, Occultism, Ultra-Violence, Symmetry and Awe.

What is the crossover between you as a painter & you as a video artist?

Aboslut. Impressionism to me has always been about open composition, depiction of light in its changing qualities, movement, and the invention of photography. I was orginally drawn to impressionism because of its moving and hallucinogenic nature. I was drawn to video art for the same reason.

Glitching and manipulating video seems to be an 21st centruy extension of that art movement. When painting im touching on alot of those sunbjects as well, primarily fake light/false light. Video is light at its core.

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